Best 5 Climbing Helmets You Should Own as a Climber

To get the most use of a helmet you need to wear it at the time of climbing rather than keep it at your home. If the helmet is on your head, it can mean the difference between your life and heath situation. In this article, I’m going to talk about the top 5 best climbing helmet that climbers use in their climbing time. If you’re a climber or thinking to become one make sure you own these helmets to protect your head from a sudden accident.

5.Shield II Softshell

Shield II Softshell- climbbigrocks

Shield II Softshell Climbing Helmet

If you are considering the most important three rules (look good, climb hard, and be safe) that climbers follow, then you must need a helmet for the safety of your head. This helmet has a bold statement with colorful designs with visually pleasing shape and looks. Shield II Softshell Climbing Helmet has highly customizable fit system and excellent coverage.
This helmet is a great fit for your odd-sized noggin (if you are struggling to find one). The helmet is made of EPS foam and polycarbonate shell. It weighs 8.7 ounces. This is the heaviest one in our lightweight helmet list. The adjustment dial does not fold neatly into the dome but does on most of the others. Because the price is less and for the sleek design, this is one of my favorite helmets.
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4.Black Diamond Half Dome

Black-Diamond-Half-Dome - climbbigrocks

Black Diamond Half Dome Climbing Helmet

This helmet is inexpensive and reliable, most important its get the job done. With the current cheap price, you can get the most use of it and a great durability. The weight of the black diamond is 11 ounce but is most comfortable. This helmet will surely protect your head from falling rocks and from sub heat. The ABS shell of this helmet absorbs good-sized impact on its own without damaging softer EPS foam.
This is the reason this helmet is far more durable than any other lighter weight helmets. If you’re looking for a more reliable helmet within a reasonable price, then Black Diamond Half Dome is perfect for you. You can find the helmet at Amazon,depending on the different models. Click here to check the current price.

3.Black Diamond Vapor

Black-Diamond-Vapor - climbbigrocks

Black Diamond Vapor Climbing Helmet

If you’re against of EPP and looking for a sleek adjustment system helmet, then black diamond vapor is your best choice. This helmet is as light as The Sirocco and adjusts better than Wall Rider. You’ll find it virtually unnoticeable on your head. The venting system is best in this helmet which is best if you’re prone to hot-headedness. The Black diamond is bit expensive because of its great features and durability.
The vapor is made of EPS foam and not as much durable is EPP. The durability depends on how nicely you treat it. You should not through it on the ground or don’t pack it at the bottom of your bag. Keep an eye for any crack in the foam for better performance. This helmet is best if you have a big head.
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2.Mammut Wall Rider

ammut-Wall-Rider- climbbigrocks

Ammut Wall Rider Climbing Helmet

This helmet combines EPP foam with polycarbonate shell which makes it most comfortable to wear. An extra layer of this helmet gives you added security in case of hauling the helmet in a bag or thronging it on the ground unintentionally. The hard shell covers the top and the front where impact happens mostly. This helmet is slightly heavier than Vapor and Sirocco but does the job if you are used to heavy helmet. The EPP construction makes it more durable and long-lasting even in rough uses. You’ll find the helmet on Amazon  . Click here to check the current price.

1.PETZL SiroccoAr

PETZL SiroccoAr Climbing Helmet -ClimbBigRocks

PETZL SiroccoAr Climbing Helmet

The lightweight yet durable construction system shook the climbing world when it was first released despite its odd appearance. Last year this company released their second version with a great styling new version. Climbers went crazy to get this masterpiece. The helmet comes with traditional shape and palatable colors with a great look. It was constructed with lighter and more durable Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) which makes it more comfortable to wear. Because of this, it can prevent multiple impacts at the same time.
This helmet weights feathery 5.6 ounces with excellent vents which makes it protect the back of the head. The foam reduces the helmets volume.You can find the helmet at Amazon depending on different models.Click here to check the current price.

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