5 Best Climbing Harness Every climber Should Have

While abseiling you need a harness for holding your weight on the rope. In the market there are different types of harness comes in different shapes and sizes. But if you are looking just to abseil than you need a simple and all around version.

What Should You Consider Before Buying a Climbing Harness?

Harness comes with at least one gear loop which helps to attach additional climbing equipment. If the harness you are looking just to abseil with, then you don’t need many of these. Almost all the harness follow the same basic design with two leg loops, a waist belt, and a belay loop. The leg loops go over legs and the belay loops are the place where you attach your belay device from while abseil. The waist belt is to fit around the waist.

Make sure your harness fits snugly around your body and there should not be any big gaps between you and the harness. The harness should not be cutting into your waist or legs. All the harness in the market is adjustable and usually auto-locking buckles with which you can make changing the size of the leg loops and the waist.
There is a riser at the back of the harness which elasticated strips that helps to keep your leg loops in the right place while climbing or abseiling. This makes a big difference in how the harness feels while using them.

When ready to buy a harness for abseiling or climbing make sure that it comfortable. The harness is available for both men and women of different sizes and shapes. You can find them on Amazon if you like to get them at your door without doing much hard work. Click here to see the harness of just follow our TOP 5 HARNESS bellow.

Before buying any harness make sure you try them first. Or if you brought them from Amazon, you still have the option to return them and get another one if that does not fit well. Remember that almost all the harness feels uncomfortable while you are wearing it for the first 5 minutes. But with time you will get used to it. But you should be able to sit with feel fully supported, the reasonable degree of comfort.
You can find harness in Amazon. Prices will be different depending on your quality taste. Click here to check them on Amazon.

5 Best Climbing Harness Every climber Should Have

Petzl Aquila

This harness is best for any bolt-clipping you do. Also best for any repointing single-pitch trad climbing and gym climbing. This harness may not be as minimalistic as many sport-specific rigs but way easier than wearing for long hours.

It feels like you forgot that you are wearing a harness, said a professional climber. The harness is supple, low-profile and moves with you as you climb. The real performance comes in when you use it for a long time hanging. The waist belt has an ergonomic cut that cradles the hips with an extra width. But it’s narrow in the front side so that it will not dig into your belly while you’re hanging with it. We have found zero pressures points, chafing and hot spots even in first wear.

While keeping overall weight low, Belay loops and the reinforced Dyneema at the tie-in points adds enough durability for hundreds of falls. While tested we found that the rear gear loops which are small, decrease the functionality a bit. This makes the harness ideal for sports climbing. This gear loop was designed to push everything forward which makes things easy to snatch from anchor clipping. The mesh-covered padding of the harness offers a lot breathability of sweaty gym sessions.
You can find the Petzl Aquila Climbing Harness in Amazon  .Click here to check the current price of this harness.

Arc’teryx AR 395A

This harness is fit for high customization, comes with progressive construction and the optimal comfort makes it best for gym, sport, trade, climbing and even ice hiking. This harness offers the widest waist and leg loops than any other harness that we tested. Because of the unique construction, it provides with the best comfort without taking on excess ounces. With the sleek look and clean lines, the company developed a method of the best load-bearing band of webbing. The company tale out the half of the webbing fiver to save the weight. They spread out and laminated the other half onto multiple layers of double-woven nylon.

As a result, a light harness with a wide and low-profile belt which disperses pressure and gives the best comfort comes in. The durability increases because of the slight padding around the edges of the waist belt and leg loops. Leg loops and the ice clipper slots of Arc’teryx’s make the rig appropriate for ice climbing. It’s also easy to use for summer cragging and gym sessions. The haul loop works as fifth gear loop. Well, you can find it on Amazon . Click here to see the price.

Black Diamond Momentum

This harness comes with a very lightweight and comfy feel. It shines in any condition and in any location, from the all-day routes in Yosemite to gym. The price of this harness is pretty low but don’t think it’s for only beginners. You’ll find all the features that you need in this harness. The harness is well positioned and will perfectly fit with your body. It’s not so big that they interfere with climbing nor so small that gear is crammed on the tight struggle to get it off.

You’ll find the waist belt easy to adjust and fixed leg loops are perfectly fit for your legs. The harness comes with two bands of webbing that trace the perimeter of the waist belt. The waist belt helps to spread out pressures from your body. It also prevents the waist belt from cutting and bucking into fleshy stomachs. This harness is great for all types of weather and all types of climbing no matter how you use it. You’ll find it on Amazon.

Grivel Apollo

The functional design and the minimalistic looks of this harness offers a surprise of comfort. You’ll find it pleasant to wear all day long and easy to adjust. The weight is just like a feather. There is a double-buckle closure on the waist belt which could snug up from both sides to get the perfect fit. Easy to adjust compact buckles and they don’t slip at all. An excellent feature of this harness is the quick release plastic buckles which are for the leg loops.

The harness is 11 ounces with a minimalist belt and thin leg loops on tithe webbing are laser-cut to match the ergonomic shape of this harness. Load distribution is very much good with no pressure point. Gear loops are covered with nylon which tacked into the hip belt. At the tie-end points, it has colored webbing that reinforces the exposed sections. You can find it on Amazon. Click here to see the price.

Metolius Safe Tech Deluxe

If you are looking for a harness that is durable and robust at the same time with great features, then Metolius Safe Tech Deluxe is perfect for you. This harness is excellent for longer routes and for the climber who wants to buy one harness and be done. With this harness wearing on, you can fully concentrate on your climbing. It includes safety features with dual belay loops for double the security. The Deluxe part of Metolius’ is a unique Safe Tech line.

This means all the pieces of this harness webbing and stitching is fully strength-rated. Because of this, unintentionally clipping into the wrong part of the harness won’t lead to any disaster. The harness comes with wide waist belt and 3/8” foam padding which gives the maximum comfort while hanging. You can find it on Amazon . Click here to see the price.

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