Guide to Find Best Climbing Rope Protector

At the time of abseiling you need to make sure all of you climbing gears are in good condition. It’s your responsibility to check them regularly so that they don’t get damaged. Among them, climbing rope is the most important one. There is a special equipment just for keeping your rope in good condition. While abseiling ropes will start to deteriorate through the friction because they rub on anchors and rough surfaces. This is bad for ropes and climbers both because the rope pressed down along the lip of the cliffs and buildings. Because of this, you need rope protectors.

Guide to Find Best Climbing Rope Protector

Rope Protector

While ready to buy rope protectors, you’ll see it comes with the variety of styles. All of them are designed to protect your climbing rope from contacting the rough edge at the top while you are abseiling. A rope protector is nothing more than a piece of mat or carpet. This laid over the lip and attached securely to stop it from falling over the edge. Professional plastic and canvas versions are available but a sturdy piece of doormat from local carpet suppliers also works fine.

There is another common type of rope protector you’ll find in the market with sleeve style. It comes with a wrap or slip over style and very protective outer cover makes the abseiling rope more durable. The Mammut, Spiroll and the MDD brands are best known for their rope protector’s designs and durability. There is a step system which sites in a place between the edge and the rope which provides a smoother running surface for abseiling rope. These include edge rollers and the slot on the top lip with a decent aluminum roller to reduce friction. The Caterpillar model from Perzl like this one in Amazon comes with a small ladder which uses a set of metal rungs to guide the rope with minimal friction.Check this one from Amazon.

When you’re abseiling you need to keep all of your gear in as good condition as possible and check it regularly to make sure that it’s not damaged before you use it. Thankfully when it comes to ropes there is a special piece of equipment just for keeping them in good nick.

Where and how much?

If you don’t prefer homemade rope protector and want to buy some industrial quality,then you can buy them from Amazon.

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