What Gears Do You Need To Start Indoor Climbing?

If you are a climber like me, then I bet you always wonder about the climbing gears that you’re going to need to start climbing, don’t you? So to help you with this, I made a perfect list of all the essential indoor climbing gears that you need to start.

Climbing Shoe

Shoes are important when comes to start indoor climbing. Shoe’s stick rubber gives the perfect all-day beginner slipper which comes with a hard edge for locking into credit-card-thing footholds. The burly of the shoe which protects when jamming into the rock cracks. Easy to wear and comfortable with the natural fit. Here are the perfect indoor climbing shoes from Amazon.

Belay Device

A great device for indoor climbing which comes with an extra friction bit. You’ll feel more comfortable and safe while using this device. This is sturdy and one of the most affordable device for indoor climbers. Click here to check it on Amazon.

Chalk Bag

Chalk Bag carries the chalk powder which you need to use while climbing. It makes sure that your hand never gets wet and slippery. It keeps things tidy when stored down for several days. Check the chalk bags on Amazon.


The Shirt is seamless which fends off chafing and other discomforts when you’re controlling yourself within the wall. Check it on Amazon.


Dynamic cord Climbing ropes around 35-meter with five pounds are best for indoor climbing. The rope needs to be 9.9 millimeters thick and burly enough to withstand years of scrapes on textured indoor walls. You’ll find it on Amazon as well.

Scrambler Pants

Scrambler Pants pant is sturdy enough to hole up against the scuffs on course, chalky indoor wall and click enough to wear to the bar after the workout you’ve done. Click to see on Amazon.


Last but not least, the harness is the most important gear while climbing. Safety comes first while climbing indoor or outdoor. To make sure you never fall and stay fit, make sure to buy a harness before starting indoor climbing. Click here to buy from Amazon.

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