Protection You Need For Rock Climbing

Protection You Need For Rock Climbing

As a climber, safety comes first in mind and it should be because climbing maybe fun and adventurous but at the same time it can be very dangerous.So to make sure your adventure stays fun and excited you need some protection.

While doing abseiling, climbing rope comes first for safety. The anchor point is the most important part of the abseiling. Anchors are a natural protection that needs to be taken first. Anchor needs for rocks and trees or even manmade such as abseil bolt at the top of a building. You’ll find that at established climbing sits and outdoor abseil there are metal loops drilled into the stakes or rock in the ground from which the climber can anchor. Remember before using it any of these it’s vital to check them carefully, making sure that they are not worn through or loose. If you have any doubt about them, don’t use them.

You’ll find yourself in a spot with no manmade or natural anchor point that trust, for this reason, it’s a good idea to carry equipment with you for making your own anchor point always. You can find an anchor point like this one on Amazon.

What should you look for?

There are many easier ways to you can create an anchor point than a sledgehammer and carting a giant metal stake everywhere with you. To secure your rope, there are different types of lightweight devices you can use and they are known as protection. Also known as the PRO. It comes in different sizes and shapes. But the two main types are the passive protection and the active protection.

Active protection features loop wire for clipping on. It uses a mechanical head to create friction with the rock instead of the wedge shape. The common type of this active protection is the cam. Cam has a series of spring loaded which is known as the ‘lobes’. Lobes are used to pull in with a trigger so that they can slide into any gap while climbing. If you trigger the release, then the lobes spring out and gripping the rock inside the gap.

The passive protection comes with single pieces of metal attached to a loop of wire. This uses for clipping the carabiner onto. The most common form of this passive protection is known as the stopper or the nut which shaped like the slides and wedge into cracks in the rock which helps to jam to form the anchor point. The passive protection is very strong durable and very easy to place because it made of a single piece of metal.

Active pro is more fragile and expensive than the passive one. You’ll find it more versatile because of its one piece is able to fit a large number of cracks and gear is very lighter too.
Remember to back it up whenever you’re building an anchor point. Make sure that the rope is attached to at least 2 or 3 different pieces of protection. If one fails you should still be held securely with your backups. It’s always a good idea to have a range of different protection.

Where and how much?

You can find the nuts on Amazon. Cam also can be found on Amazon.Popular names to watch out for on which offer some great deals on all ranges of protection.

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