Top 3 Belay Devices for Rocks Climbing

I guess you’ve got the rope and the harness and looking to buy the belay device. Belay device helps you to control the speed of your abseil because it causes the friction on the rope while abseiling. You’ll find a wide range of belay devices starting from simple to mechanical devices of different shapes and sizes. Before buying a belay device there are a few important things that you should know. Let’s find out.
While going for the climbing belay device is one of the essential safety things you need to carry with you. You have found out the best belay devices for you. Belay device works as a brake on the rope that we use for applying friction to it. The Belay device, plus belayer’s ‘quick braking’ hand which works locks off the free end of your climbing rope, keep tension on the rope and protects you at the other end. Choose the one that matches your climbing.

What Should You Consider Before Buying Belay Device?

While buying your first belay device bear in mind that, the simple the better, unless trying out any advanced abseiling techniques that require high-quality belay device. Two main types of belay devices out there: the assisted breaking and the manual device.

The Assisted-Braking

Assisted-Braking belay devices are also known as self-locking, self-braking, auto-locking and auto-blocking devices. These belay devices are designed to lock down on the rope if any sudden force is applied to it which helps the belayer catch and hold an immediate fall.
Assisted-Braking has different types of designs. These designs provide assisted braking when you’re belaying a leader or top –roping or even the follower on a multipath climb. Also, offer assisted-braking mode when belying one or two followers. Assisted-braking designs are heavier than other designs and only works with a single line. This means a climber like you, cannot do a traditional rappel on the two strands of rope like with a tubular device. For this reason, these devices are mainly used for sports climbing, gym or in outdoors.

Assisted-Braking Belay Device

There are also some designs that pinch the rope between the device and the carabiner in order to provide assistance. These designs are lighter than those with a camming mechanism. These devices are good enough for any type of climbing. Capable of being used to rappel for two strands of rope.
These belay devices help to belayer to stop a sudden climbing fall and feed the rope smoothly at the same time. The camming mechanism makes it easy to lower climber in a controlled manner at any time. It requires the use of proper Bely technique and makes your hand ready to lock off the rope. Before using it make sure you read the manufacturer’s information and understand it clearly. You can find the device on Amazon. Click here to check the current price.

The Tubular

Tubular is one of the common belay devices which is suitable for any kind of climbing. You need to fold and push the rope through this device and clip it with a locking carabiner to the belayer or to the anchor. When fiction is caused by bent rope’s contact with any belay device, it slows down and immediately stops the rope. And by this, it helps to protect you. You will find ridges or teeth on some of these devices which creates more friction. This tubular accepts two strands of rope rappelling technique.
The Tubular

Tubular Belay Device

It also consists of dual slots with compact, light and easy to use design. It also works with many rope diameters and has the ability to accommodate single or double ropes at the same time. Ropes will not twist or even kink at the time of climb. You can set it up as an assisted-braking device for belaying one or two followers on any multi-pitch climbing. You can find this one also on Amazon. Click here to check the current price.

The Figure 8

Figure 8 Belay Device

Figure 8 Belay Device

Frequently used for search and rescue, caving and for Efficient and smooth for rappelling. These belay devices are mainly used for rappelling but also can be rigged to belay leader or even for a top-rope climber. This device is shaped like the number “Eight” and this is the reason it called the “Figure 8”.This device has one large and one small hole for rope and carabiner. You need to feed a bight of rope through the large hole and need to loop it around the outside of the small hole until it rests on the neck of the device or figure 8. The small hole needs to be clipped with your belay loop on your harness. You can find this one also on Amazon. Click here to check the current price.

Final Thoughts

When going for any types of climbing whether indoor or outdoor, make sure you have your safety devices with you. It takes just a second for accidents to happen. So taking an extra part of safety with you is all you need. Make sure you have all the gears with you at the time of climb. Best of luck.