What Should You Know Before Buying A Drone?

Choosing the right drone can be a bit challenging if you are new to flying drones. Drone market is full of different types of UAVs drones. But remember not all of these drones offer the same level of satisfaction. I’m writing this article to help you understand the factors to consider before buying a drone, especially if you are new to it. Let’s begin.

10.Suitable Environment for Your Drone

Before buying your dream drone, first, you need to select the environment where you’ll be flying it. If you’re planning to use it on outdoors, then you’ll be better off going for a stable drone. Stable drones are ideally the large one. On the other hand, if you’re planning to use your drone in indoor, then smaller drones are best to go for. Remember the drones that are made for outside works excellent only when it’s not that much wind. Nowadays, almost all the quadcopter manufacturers go a step further and give details on the strength of the wind that will affect the flying experience. If you’re not sure which one to go for, then its save to go for a suitable drone for both outdoor and indoor situation.

9.RTF vs. DIY

You can buy both type of drones which is ready to fly (RTF) or the type that requires a bit of assembly (DIY).The RTF drones are ideal for the beginners and because of it, many drone companies are making this type of drones. The Pre-assembled quadcopter is a bit expensive than the others but can save you from a lot of troubles. With the DIY drones, you need to find all the problems and fix them by yourself, no outside help. This means you need to spend more time before getting the drone ready even for the first flight. From my experience, the DIY drones are best when you are looking to learn how the drone gadgets work.

8.Your Experience

It’s pretty common that cheaper drones will lack many important features that make operation easy. This means those drones do not suit people who are not that much experienced flying drones. If you’re not sure about your ability to operate these drone devices, then a headless mode and auto take off features drone is the best choice for you. Also, the drones that come with the auto landing capabilities will make it easier to get the UAV to the ground safely. Remember to look out the aspects while shopping for the drone.

7.Drones Materials

You need to consider the material used in your drone construction unless you want to through it away after a few weeks of use. You’ll find that the cheaper quadcopter drones are made of ABS or ordinary plastic which makes the drone less lasting. If you have a tight budget, then it would be best for you to choose the strong ABS plastic drones which last longer and gives a much better performance. The drones that are made of fiberglass and carbon drones are better in quality but they are expensive. If you really going for expensive drones then try to avoid the aluminum devices, because these devices are lower in quality.

6.Replacement Parts

Drones will break or get damaged at some point while using it. So you need to buy a drone that has replacement parts available in the market. You don’t want to use a drone just for the first time? Before buying the drone make sure you check whether the manufacturer sells spare parts for the drone. You can also check it on Amazon for retailers that might have replacement parts. Drones important parts like the landing gear, controllers, propellers, batteries and motors bigger challenge to find out. So make sure they have replacement parts as well. In the market, there are few drones that do not use universal parts and you will face a huge problem while searching for their replacement parts. So be careful about this.

5.Drone Flight Time

There are a few drones that only flay for 4 to 5 minutes which is not good at all. This short time will not give you to have enough fun or even accomplish your goals. The drones that can fly between 15 to 25 minutes are the best drones to be considered. Theses drone generally more expensive but more durable and give the best of it. There are few manufacturers who even gives extra batteries with those drones to extend the flying time. Just don’t go for the drones that have more flying time, make sure the charging time also takes less time. Some drones batteries are worst in case of charging time.

4.Drone’s Purpose

It’s important to consider why you need a drone? What will be the purpose of the drone? What are you going to do with the drone? You can’t just go on the market and buy a drone that you just like? You need a purpose to buy the drone. Like some drones are best for taking photos, some are best for recording videos and some are best to race. The drone market has expanded in a large amount in the past few years which has led to the development of drones that are meant for specific purposes. As I said before you’ll get drones for surveillance, photography or even acrobatics. Different drone’s types are optimized for their specific purpose and use. For example, for photography drone, you need a drone which has an HD camera which gives great image quality and resolution. Features like the altitude hold will help to improve photography.

3.Drone Range

The range is important when it comes to controlling the drone. The range is much more important to those drones who use their drones for photography. Like the aerial videos and the photos have to be taken from high altitudes. You’ll find most of the drones comes with a range of 30meter which is not usually sufficient enough for an aerial shot. To get the better range, you need to pay more for the beater drone which comes with more range capability.

2.Live Feed

Drones lover always like to watch the live feed while flying their drones. I increase the fun and gives you more control over your drone and flying. In this drone, the cameras are usually positioned at the lower part of the UAVs. The captured videos or the photos are transmitted in real time to the drone controller’s LCD display. With a few drones, it’s possible to watch the captured video on your handphone, laptop or tablet. To make this happen you need to have the drone app that connects the drone camera and the other device together. This type of drone works faster as you will not have to transfer the videos to your tablet, phone or pc.


Recreational use type drones are more affordable. It is possible to get a drone under $30-$100 from Amazon. But I always advise avoiding the cheaper drones because those do not last long and have lower quality materials. If you go for the cheaper drones, then the repair price after a few days will increase, and then you will think that you should have brought the expensive one. At least you did not need to spend extra money on repairs. Cheaper drones are also difficult to operate and gives very low-quality photos and pictures and the flying time is not that great.

The commercial or the professional drones are very expensive and also you need to register it with the FAA for an extra amount of money. Before buying the drone make sure the drone whose total investment will not go beyond your original budget. If you are not sure which one to buy, then check out Drones Under $300 on Amazon.You can also check out our drones review section before buying a specific drone.

Final Thoughts

If you are a beginner at a flying drone, you’re likely to make more mistakes with your purchase. Use the tips listed above to reduce the risk of making the wrong choice when buying a drone. And let me know your first drone buying experience in the comment section.