What is Accessory Cord and Where to Find

A small piece of cord that provides lots of uses for outdoor athletes starting from replacing broken shoelace to attaching equipment to climber’s pack. In abseiling this cord is a simple piece of kit that can be an essential part of your safety gear.

It’s always a great idea to have the backup no matter how food climbing equipment is. This piece of durable cord can be used to create an extra level of safety to your climbing belay device by tying a prusik knot. This is a friction knot designed to tighten the rope while weight is applied on it. It attached with a locking carabiner to climber’s leg loop and with the rope which means if the climber lets go of the rope or accidentally with the belay device, it will kick in by tightening onto the rope and stopping from falling.

The knot is simple to use and all you need to do is when you’re abseiling is slide the prusik along the ripe with lower hand at the time of abseil down. The cord for the prusik knot is usually between 5mm to 7mm thick. You need around a meter in length. The melting point of the cord is important because the friction on the rope will generate heat. Higher melting point ensures that the prusik lasts longer without damage. Remember the nylon based cords are the best bet with a melting point of more than 200C.

Where and how much?

Decent cord is pretty easy to come by, but if you want a name you can trust delivered straight to your door then visit Amazon where you can grab a meter of 7mm Mammut accessory cord.You can look on Amazon as well.

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